Coaching Services

Charges: $40.00 per hour, assessed in half-hour increments

Note: the first half-hour is free. To take advantage of this special offer, send a 250 word (or shorter) sample of your work in the body of an email. Put “writing sample: coaching” in the subject line so I can pick your message out of my junk mail. I will read your sample and respond via email with a brief critique.

Send material to: rhein(at) Replace (at) with the @ symbol as you would for any normal email address.

I prefer to deliver paid critiques by phone because it’s more efficient than email. On the phone we can cover a lot more ground in much less time, which is the best use of your cash.

For information about the Music of Writing Classes, send an email to rhein(at) (Again, replace (at) with the @ symbol.)

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