July 18, 2018


Posted in Flow, flow in writing, freewriting, Momentum in writing tagged , , at 4:30 pm by Rebecca Hein

Freewriting is probably the “purest” form of undirected writing. In freewriting, you have no goal except to write. Whatever comes into your head, you write down. Even if it’s vapid, banal, repetitious, dull, or meaningless, you just keep transcribing your thoughts. This may feel like an empty exercise, but it isn’t.

In freewriting you’re writing continuously, gaining momentum as you go. How often do we get this flow of language during our consciously directed writing, whether it’s a draft of an article, essay, short story, or novel chapter? Not often enough make it a habit.

The regular experience of effortless flow is practically guaranteed to make all your writing easier. Therefore, the more consistently you do your freewriting, the likelier it is that the rest of your work will improve.

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