June 27, 2018

The magic between performer and audience: what we can and can’t control

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:42 am by Rebecca Hein

It would be wonderful if we could always induce a live connection between ourselves and our readers, but the most exciting episodes appear to spring out of nowhere. This apparently random phenomenon suggests that we have no control over reader or audience response. But this isn’t quite true; we can at least create optimal conditions, so that when the time is ripe for an exciting episode, we’ve done our part.

Paradoxically, our efforts need to be what they always are. This makes our approach to a magical moment one of the most prosaic operations we perform: work hard, be alert for good ideas, trust your work habits and creative process, polish your already polished writing, and keep going.

It’s strange that such a predictable set of procedures can position us to receive a wave of excitement from readers. But it works. That’s what we did in the Eugene Opera company, leading up to that peak performance of Don Giovanni, which I still remember vividly from almost forty years ago.


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