April 27, 2013

Keep Going, Part Three

Posted in Momentum in writing, slumps in writing, Stages tagged , , at 3:24 pm by Rebecca Hein

What was so important about my consistent writing habit in the face of chronic discouragement? It was action, and produced a definite result: better writing.

By contrast, discouragement produces nothing but a slowdown. We have to fight our way forward against the conviction that we will never progress.

Discouragement can be powerful, but if we let it become too real, it will produce its own form of action—a halt. Yet the miracle in my writing life is that somehow it never quite stopped me.


April 6, 2013

Keep Going, Part Two

Posted in slumps in writing tagged , at 2:33 pm by Rebecca Hein

Through all my forty years of writing, I’ve felt discouraged more often than not. Until recently I’ve been more than half-convinced that my writing would never go anywhere, and never benefit me except through its intrinsic worth and the resulting satisfaction.

Yet after all these decades, it turns out that my actions were more important than my thoughts. I wrote and never stopped. Through more failures than I can count—real and perceived—I kept on writing.

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