December 12, 2012

No Artifice, Part Five

Posted in music and writing tagged , at 4:02 pm by Rebecca Hein

Perfect spontaneity in writing can produce such a good first draft that sometimes only a few minor revisions are needed. When you achieve this, you know you’ve entered a new and more productive zone.

But how do you get there? Not with too much time spent directly aiming for your best work.

I learned this in music when I’d spend long hours practicing hard pieces. My attention was totally taken up with getting the notes right and trying to fill the holes in my technique that prevented full mastery of a passage. Thus, no attention was left over for pure enjoyment.

Likewise, in writing, you have to turn away from what’s hardest, at least some of the time. Not out of laziness, but because the easy flow of words, when achieved again and again, sets up a vibration within your being that eventually sounds the deeper chords of creativity.


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