October 3, 2012

Self-Exploitation, Part Three

Posted in self-exploitation tagged at 2:32 pm by Rebecca Hein

Why would I pour hours into preparing for a performance for which I’d be underpaid to begin with?

For my performance of the Saint-Saens Cello Concerto with the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra in April 1998, I figured my rate, which included extensive hours of practice, at something less than two dollars an hour.

As previously noted, my fee was due to be cut in half, but the orchestra manager ended up honoring the original verbal agreement. Still, that didn’t change the essential dynamic: that I wanted to play the cello well, and would take almost any opportunity to do so, regardless of how little I was paid.

One could argue that this is a clear case of insanity, at least in regard to work and money.


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  1. The one advantage to writing is that the finished product can be reused. With a live performance, one has to do it all over again. Articles written for a low fee, or no payment, can be tweeked and resold to a better-paying market.

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