September 12, 2012

On Performance

Posted in performance, publication tagged , , at 12:43 pm by Rebecca Hein

Musicians are exhorted to perform whenever possible. “Play for the plumber; play for the milkman; play for your friends.”

This is sound advice. Performing isn’t like practicing because others are listening. Therefore our frame of mind is different and we have to get used to it. Only extensive experience will accomplish this.

Writers also need to adjust to publication, or the prospect of publication, which is our equivalent of performing. One excellent way to start is to write for local markets, anything from your church newsletter to your hometown paper.

This accomplishes two things: it teaches you the habit of communication, and it forces you to write for an audience. Then, when larger opportunities present themselves, you’re ready.



  1. Blogging is good writing practice. Like joining a church worship group or playing for coins on the street, any sort of writing takes skill. Whether you write for a church bulletin or work newsletter, it’s all good for developing your writing skills.

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