February 8, 2012

Achieving Synthesis, Part Four: What’s Wrong with Direct Focus

Posted in Right Brain tagged , at 1:51 pm by Rebecca Hein

It’s logical to try to recapture something you’ve done well. Yet if you forget about it and focus on nothing at all, you’re much more likely to get it back. Additionally, it will probably combine with a new idea, thus propelling you even farther along.

Single-item focus, often identical to those attempts to recapture your best work, inhibits your right brain. The business of the right brain is synthesis: to combine, recombine, process, and invent the tools for the next stage of your artistic development.

It can’t do that if you’re trying to hang onto one of the many elements it’s working on. Thus, to help it do its best work, release all your ideas, all your plans, even all your hopes for a project, and know that this in turn releases your right brain to think. If you can really let it all go, you’ll be rewarded with that creative leap you’ve been looking for.


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