January 25, 2012

Achieving Synthesis, Part Two: Liberating the Right Brain

Posted in Creativity, flow in writing, Right Brain, writing techniques tagged , , , , , at 1:41 pm by Rebecca Hein

The right brain, if left alone, can do all we desire for our writing, and probably more. Since writing a novel, poem, play, or even just a short essay requires multiple levels of thought, the right brain is the best tool for the job. Able to process, combine, and recombine many ideas all at once, it will order our writing if we can just get out of the way.

I learned this first in cello playing, where letting go of conscious thought liberated my right brain to quickly access the memories I needed to achieve my best playing. To release conscious thought in your writing, you could try letting the energy of your project direct your words rather than the other way around. Or you could do a lot of freewriting, as an exercise in letting your mind wander. Either way, you’re likely to joggle your mind into a more relaxed approach, and that’s when you can expect new and better things to happen.


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