September 8, 2011

Writing Class: How to make your writing so beautiful that it sings like music

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Announcing an all-day writing class to be held on Saturday September 24, 2011

Subject: How to make your writing so beautiful that it sings like music.

The most beautiful music is simple yet so haunting that we can’t forget it and more, must listen to it again and again. Our writing takes on this character when we apply musical principles such as practice, harmony, rhythm, and most of all total absorption in what we’re doing. Join this class and learn the crossover between the spirit of music and the force of your ideas. No musical background needed.

Format: Telephone Conference Call

Schedule: Noon-2:30 pm (critiques) and 4:00-6:30 pm (discussion) Eastern Time

Instructor: Rebecca Hein, cellist and writer

Cost: $50.00

Deadline for enrollment: Wednesday September 14, 2011. To enroll, pay $50 via PayPal to on or before September 14 or send a check to Hein Family Enterprises, Inc. 10205 W. Hwy. 220, Casper, WY 82604. Postmark September 14.

Enrollment is limited to the first eight people who sign up.

For more details contact Rebecca Hein; 1-888-921-9595 or
(307) 472-3120


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