July 13, 2011

On Emptiness, Part Three: Enjoyment

Posted in Emptiness tagged , at 3:59 pm by Rebecca Hein

In writing, as in music, it’s essential that we put hard work aside sometimes and just enjoy the ability we’ve gained. Yet this isn’t possible unless we set it up deliberately because, if we’re serious about improving, we always work hard.

Freewriting, like my unstructured cello practice, provides this opportunity. In pushing aside all the rules, you liberate yourself, and your creativity will respond to this gentle treatment.



  1. I agree that free writing is good for loosening up a writer’s mental muscles but it helps to have some sort of idea of what to write. I often am inspired to write when I hear news stories, remember something from my past, or by objects around the house. When I composed electronic music, I found an interesting sound and worked with it until I found a melody I liked.

    • Rebecca Hein said,

      Maybe; but some of my best ideas hit me when I’m writing near-nonsense and certainly didn’t begin with any idea of what I should write about.

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