July 8, 2011

On Emptiness, Part Two: Efficiency

Posted in Emptiness tagged , , at 6:21 am by Rebecca Hein

In how many situations does experience perfectly match expectation? This is the value of freewriting. Expecting nothing, we then get nothing, and in this harmony we achieve 100 percent efficiency of effort. Our result matches our purpose exactly.

By contrast, in real writing there will always be a disparity between what we hope to achieve and actual results. No matter how small this gap, we feel somewhat discontented or disappointed. This tension is completely absent in freewriting, and since we can’t live in tension all the time, we need to cultivate this habit of freedom in our writing.



  1. This is all right for those who write as a hobby but employers expect results. Practice writing can generate some profitable ideas but in the end, money answers everything. Practice helps a lot but nobody gets paid for practicing. It’s performing well at the gig that matters.

    • Rebecca Hein said,

      True, but even the hardest-driving employer knows that some education and preparation is needed for any job. And the job of creativity, whether in writing, music, or any other art, requires years of practice.

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