April 27, 2011

How Ideas Behave

Posted in Ideas, Uncategorized tagged at 5:00 am by Rebecca Hein

A good writing idea is wild, like music. If a catchy tune sets your toe tapping, it has done its job. In writing, this vitality often emerges in raw ideas that won’t behave until they are first allowed to run free. Like the wind, they rush through you, refusing to be tamed, and the best you can do is capture their shape.



  1. Ideas do tend to be unruly but they can be channeled. My best musical and writing works started out as random revelations. I then fleshed out the direction they should go in. Whether it was recordings of amateur radio operators communicating with a Soviet cosmonaut or my 6 years at a school for the blind, I took the bones of those concepts and fleshed them out to become an electronic music composition and my second memoir.

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