March 9, 2011

The Virtue of More Than One Writing Project

Posted in Incubation tagged at 9:31 am by Rebecca Hein

The advantage of having at least two writing projects going at once is that when one isn’t flowing, you can turn to the other. The project you’ve tabled will benefit from that time off, and though you’ve put it aside, your unconscious mind is still working on it.

Since you have another project you can keep writing and thus stay in shape. In music the principle is the same: when the piece you’re working on feels stale, you can put it aside in favor of other music without getting out of practice.



  1. I’m not a good musician but I’ve found that leaving an electronic music composition sit for a while helps me hear what needs changing as well as the changes I need to make. As for writing, I’m still finding goofs in my manuscript.


    • Rebecca Hein said,

      Yes, the unconscious mind is a wonderful asset to our creativity. I wonder why they don’t teach us about it in school?


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