March 2, 2011

Peak Experiences

Posted in Peak Experiences tagged , , , at 10:05 am by Rebecca Hein

Perfect moments in writing and music are a direct result of practice. The ratio is 1:100 or maybe 1:1,000, especially at first.

But when you’re hit with a great idea that kicks your story into a new dimension or, in music, a clear image that helps you play better, then you see that practice took you there.

Day by day you build your skill, often not realizing that a sublime insight awaits you. In “slog” mode it’s easy to forget what all that plodding is for, but if you persevere, another of those incomparable experiences will visit you like a shaft of light from above.

Then you remember; then you know; and with renewed energy you move forward.



  1. What bugs me about practice is that some folks insist on pointing out mistakes rather than complementing improvements. All the fun is taken out of writing or music when people insist on being perfect rather than proficient. I notice that when I worry about making mistakes, that’s what I end up doing. When I doodle in writing or music, I find that I eventually get better at both. Some of my best efforts came out of just fooling around with ideas and melodies.


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