January 12, 2011

Creativity and Freedom, Part Three

Posted in Creativity tagged , at 10:08 am by Rebecca Hein

The problem with a plan, even a good one, is that it shuts out other possibilities. Once we’ve decided on the direction of a given writing project, we may produce something good, but if we jettison our plan a major insight may await us—one that will make the piece substantially better.

This isn’t as chaotic as it sounds because the creative process, if we stay out of the way, carries within itself the keys to order and coherence.



  1. It often seems to me that the completed work pre-exists, and my task as poet, essayist or composer is simply to discover and record it. Sometimes, to be sure, it feels as though I’m planning it out, but as the planning process proceeds I get a sense that the Inward Guide definitely wants it to go this way and not that way. If I then prove a disobedient planner, I can only expect junk to come out of my pen. But I had to grow into this attitude by first writing so much junk that I was almost ready to put my pen away.


    • Rebecca Hein said,

      Yes, every type of writing seems to have its own shape and energy. I agree that when we discover the unique features and form of each project, our writing flows much better.


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