November 17, 2010

All Practicing Moves You Forward

Posted in Practice Writing tagged at 6:57 pm by Rebecca Hein

Practice is never a waste of time, though you may feel differently on bad days. I’ve logged my share of “wasted” cello and writing sessions, but all it takes is one glorious episode to set my attitude straight.

Recently I was practicing the cello and became lost in my tone. The sound I was creating became a large round space filled with vibration. I was at the center, and so absorbed that I retained no consciousness of moving either bow or fingers. Even when I drifted away from the core of this sensation, I was instantly pulled back. The glory of music was stronger than any other force.

Afterwards I realized that without sustained, persistent effort in the form of daily practice over a period of years, I’d never have stumbled into that fortunate moment. That was when I looked back over my long record of better and worse practice sessions and knew that the bad as well as the good had all been accumulating towards my latest jump.


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