November 3, 2010

Internal Harmony

Posted in Creativity, Harmony tagged , , , at 9:30 am by Rebecca Hein

Making peace with myself influences my writing in profound ways. For example, several years ago I jumped forward in my ability to create metaphors and vivid images.

How? By terminating a relationship with an editor. Working with her was the best-paid and easiest gig I’d landed so far, and I needed the money.

But she squelched my voice and worse, replaced some of my key ideas with phrases of her own that actually misrepresented my values. I could live with heavy-handed editing but not with words I would never write, published under my byline.

When I saw that I couldn’t tolerate the situation, I quit. Within hours I could feel the wellspring of language, vivid and sparkling, bubbling up in me again.


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