October 6, 2010

Practicing for Success

Posted in Success tagged , , , , at 9:45 am by Rebecca Hein

In these hard times, we need to draw upon our full complement of assets, which includes both intellect and imagination. Cello practice requires these faculties and, as writers, the sooner we learn to nurture them, the better it will be for our future.

Attention isn’t enough. You have to apply the right kind of focus. A direct approach can work, such as “How can I make this character more alive?” But you need to couple questions like this with regular periods of release, during which you actively cultivate unconscious thought. This is where writing practice comes in. Because practice writing is so easy, it demands little attention, and then we can coast along on the flow we’ve created. Our minds begin to drift, and this is the perfect setup for the flash of insight we need.



  1. Thy Friend John said,

    I believe that just taking the trouble to move your pen across the page tells your muse that you’re inviting material. When I take the trouble to write my dreams down, I get more significant and rememberable dreams. When I take the trouble to write down verse as it comes to me during the day, even bad or silly verse, I may wake up in the middle of the night, as I did last night, with weightier verse ready to pour out of my pen, in last night’s case “signed” by “All, all’s source, and all’s returning: The One who will survive all’s utter burning.”

    • Rebecca Hein said,

      I agree that just wiggling your pen can be highly productive. Writers too often resist the idea that empty or chaotic content is useful when, in fact, any kind of writing induces momentum. And forward motion is what we most need.

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