August 4, 2010

What is a Warm-up?

Posted in Warm-Up tagged , at 9:19 am by Rebecca Hein

A writing warm-up is by definition the first thing you do in your writing sessions. Spill your thoughts onto the paper or computer screen with no regard for grammar, spelling, coherence, or quality. The goal is pure flow, with no other experience or expectation getting in the way.

Flow in music, as in writing, launches you directly into the feel of your work. You can enjoy the undiluted sensation of forward motion in words or musical phrases, and since momentum is often more than half the battle, you’re likely to find, as I did, that many problems solve themselves simply because you have begun right.



  1. This is a good idea but will Canada Pension Plan buy that argument? They’ve been after me for years to find some sort of gainful employment and writing is about the only thing I can do with a little proficiency. When I do write, I have a rough idea of what I want to say and I type it out as I think of it. Then I delete or correct the text afterward. Listening to my PC read what I’ve typed also helps when I’ve finished writing and am in the editing phase.

    • Rebecca Hein said,

      No, I don’t suppose any bureaucracy would approve of the warm-up concept. But then, creativity by definition is anathema to the bureaucratic mind.

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