August 25, 2010

Creativity and the Wild Card

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Creativity is by nature unpredictable. Therefore it’s not productive to plan; instead we need to sense the direction of each day’s work, and go with it.

There’s no safety in this, but what do you gain by trying to stay in familiar territory? It’s better to risk the hazards of improvisation because in so doing, you set your mind free.


August 18, 2010

How Can Undirected Work Be Productive?

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If you sit at your desk, idly twirling a pencil, how could you justify that behavior to your boss? If you work on an assembly line, or otherwise produce a material product on a set schedule, then likely you couldn’t argue that you’re accomplishing something.

The rules of creativity are different. Every musician knows that the real battle is in expressing the subtle nuances of emotion. Likewise in writing. How do you capture the deepest moments of human experience; those which are nearly impossible to put into words?

It can be done, but not through known avenues of productivity. Daydreaming, on the other hand, can lead us in surprising new directions.

August 11, 2010

Why You Should Ignore Mistakes in Your Warm-ups

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In cello I teach and practice an activity known as “speed scales.” The procedure is to start slow, with an easy scale, then speed it up incrementally until you’re playing so fast that everything breaks down. Thus you experience the feel of fast playing, with nothing getting in the way, certainly not a preoccupation with the inevitable wrong notes which become more frequent as your speed increases.

A good writing warm-up is like speed scales. The goal is to experience the outpouring of language so you can learn to hear and feel it as it floods through you. The result is increased creativity, and you can look forward to this if you learn to ignore superficial errors and stay with your main purpose.

August 4, 2010

What is a Warm-up?

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A writing warm-up is by definition the first thing you do in your writing sessions. Spill your thoughts onto the paper or computer screen with no regard for grammar, spelling, coherence, or quality. The goal is pure flow, with no other experience or expectation getting in the way.

Flow in music, as in writing, launches you directly into the feel of your work. You can enjoy the undiluted sensation of forward motion in words or musical phrases, and since momentum is often more than half the battle, you’re likely to find, as I did, that many problems solve themselves simply because you have begun right.

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